Reading Comprehension

ee cummings, selected poetry I

Mr. Steel




"i sing of Olaf glad and big"


1. What is the rhyming scheme of this poem?



2. What was Olaf's attitude towards war?






3. What happened to Olaf at the hands of the colonel and the host of non-commissioned officers? (4-14)







4. What is Olaf's response to the pressures of the other officers who, through force and threat, would have him behave patriotically?







5. What further abuse did Olaf suffer at the hands of the officers? (23-31)







6. What was Olaf's response to this treatment?







7. What happened to Olaf and why?






8. What does Cummings mean when he says of Olaf, "he was/more brave than me: more blond than you."








1. What is this poem describing? How is it described?








2. How does the poet use syntax to create effect in this poem?









"somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond"


1. What does Cummings suggest by his use of the words "close" and "unclose"?









2. What is the poet trying to say about his beloved in this poem? What does she make him feel?